Snoring and Sleep Apnea No More

If you have difficulty sleeping deeply(as Millions of us do), waking up unexpectedly during the night, experience uneven breathing(also known as Sleep Apnea) and being told by your loved ones about your snoring – then you have just found the cure!


The majority of people with sleep apnea suffer from what’s called “obstructive sleep apnea”, or OSA (a small percentage of people have “central sleep apnea”.  Central sleep apnea is very different from OSA, and is caused by neurological factors.  The cure found in the information provided here is regarding “obstructive sleep apnea”.

When obstructive sleep apnea occurs, the tissues in your upper throat relax and collapse together while you’re sleeping.  This temporarily blocks the air’s passage.

Here is what happens:snoring

  • Traveling to the lungs, the air will make its journey via the nose, mouth and throat (all known as the ‘upper airway’)
  • Normally the rear of a person’s throat is soft and naturally falls inward when the person breathes.
  • Muscles in the throat will be working against the collapse, trying to maintain an open airway.
  • When the tissues at the rear of the throat collapse and become temporarily blocked off, apnea will happen and the person’s breathing is halted (“apnea” is a Greek word that means “cessation of breath”).
  • Apnea can also occur if a person has a tongue that is too thick, or a soft palate (the back part of the top of your throat) that is flabby.


And here is the connection with snoring.  Flabby tissues in the mouth and throat not only collapse when you fall asleep, they also VIBRATE – which is what causes snoring.

So the key to conquering obstructive sleep apnea (and snoring) is to have STRONG muscles to keep your throat open while you sleep – muscles in your throat, tongue and soft palate.

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