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Carry a Concealed WeaponBRAVE RESPONSE HOLSTER:

The Holster That is Changing the CCW Industry.  With the number of holsters already on the market I had a hard time believing that anyone could truly do anything unique but this holster proved me wrong.  Here are just a few things that make this holster revolutionary:

Right or Left-hand holster;

  • It doesn’t have to be hooked or clipped to your belt, boot, or anything. The built in waistband goes around your torso like a belt
  • As a waist band holster it can be as shallow or as deep of concealment as you want or as your pants allow
  • It takes less time to put on and it conceals better without printing than any holster on the market
  • Its a one size fits all holster meaning that you only need to buy one and it will work for ALL your semi-automatic handguns


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