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.I met a man in a bar one day while in Costa Rica.  He was from Israel earning his living by jet-setting around the world, gambling.  I thought, what a life!  Travel wherever you desire, stop in any random casino or sports betting establishment, place a few bets and earn a living!

Which reminded me of many years ago when I was handed a computer-generated sheet from a casino pit boss.  That sheet when followed properly, would give a person a 49% edge odds over any Black Jack dealer!  Unfortunately I lost it in a bad storm.  However the idea of making a living without hard physical work and just traveling around, is a dream come true!

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What if you could hire an army of world-class sports betting handicappers at your disposal…

who relentlessly worked around the clock to pick out the daily winners for you?

As many sports bettors already know, an expert sports handicapper can charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They can charge an enormous amount for picks of just one sport, each year.

“How incredible would it be if I spend the money to gain access to up to hundreds of world-famous sports handicappers throughout the year, then reveal to you in my private members area ALL of their picks every day, and summarize for you the “best bets” of the day where most of all handicappers have agreed on!”

You would never have to rely on the hot-and-cold opinion of just one sports handicapper again. Instead, you can bet with unbreakable confidence – and always put your money on the same picks that have overwhelming support from the greatest handicappers in the sports industry, every day!

Image result for non-royalty basketball pick imagesFrom the creator of the world-famous Exterminator and Demolisher betting systems


“I’ve always been a math whiz since childhood, with an intense passion for sports and statistics.  By 7th grade I had written a near-thousand page long math word problem featured on television.  Eventually it was submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records.

By 8th grade I had developed a number of mathematical discoveries.  The most significant of which became the rules of divisibility for all known integers that was eventualy requested to be published by a prominent math journal.

My passion for math and sports continued throughout all my life, culminating at a ground-breaking milestone.  Then I came across a betting system that completely changed my life, and thousands of other peoples’ lives.

As a matter of fact, my betting system was so successful that the players who followed it ran the online sportsbook BetJoint out of business.”

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Remember “One expert can always be wrong.  But the chances of 20 experts who dedicate their lives and financial well-being into their craft to be wrong together on any day is outrageous to even imagine.”


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