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I would like to take this time to share a movie I recently enjoyed watching with my 6-year old called Zootopia. I admit that I have fallen asleep in the cinema before during some children movies, however, found this one particularly enjoyable.  And this is despite the fact that we watched it in Spanish – which I don’t fully understand but my son does.

But that was the beauty of this movie – that it was made so well, even I could figure out what was happening – enough to laugh, worry and get that good feeling at the end!

Storyline: In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy.

(I was also surprised to learn Shakira and Tommy Chong were a couple of the “voice” actors)


Cast overview, first billed only:
Ginnifer Goodwin Ginnifer Goodwin
Judy Hopps (voice)
Jason Bateman Jason Bateman
Nick Wilde (voice)
Idris Elba Idris Elba
Chief Bogo (voice)
Jenny Slate Jenny Slate
Bellwether (voice)
Nate Torrence Nate Torrence
Clawhauser (voice)
Bonnie Hunt Bonnie Hunt
Bonnie Hopps (voice)
Don Lake Don Lake
Stu Hopps (voice)
Tommy Chong Tommy Chong
Yax (voice)
J.K. Simmons J.K. Simmons
Mayor Lionheart (voice)
Octavia Spencer Octavia Spencer
Mrs. Otterton (voice)
Alan Tudyk Alan Tudyk
Duke Weaselton (voice)
Shakira Shakira
Gazelle (voice)
Raymond S. Persi Raymond S. Persi
Flash (voice)
Della Saba Della Saba
Young Hopps (voice)
Maurice LaMarche Maurice LaMarche
Mr. Big (voice)


Although I personally may have liked it even more if I’d seen it in English, it’s definitely a good watch if you have little ones running around!  Grab some popcorn, relax and enjoy!