Below you are going to have access to a few different languages(for now.)*  Learning a new language has never been as easy as it is following the proven programs below.  Please check them out, and share with your friends and family so we can spread the learning around the globe:


Module per module, these Interactive Audio Course Lessons are not only proven to easily teach various languages but an AWARD WINNING SYSTEM that you’ll want to share with your friends!  Your recommendation to them will always be in the back of their mind as they learn, practice and speak their desires while subconsciously Thanking YOU for thinking of them.

Learn American Sign Language With Rocket Sign Language!

Learn English With Rocket English!

Learn Spanish With Rocket Spanish!

What’s inside Rocket Languages that make them the best?

  • Interactive audio lessons (The easiest way to get started and learn the most useful building blocks)
  • Built-in pronunciation practice (Practice matching your pronunciation to the tutor for a perfect accent)
  • Language and Culture lessons (Discover the finer points of grammar and culture for increased fluency)
  • Progress tracking (Easily see how far you’ve come, and keep track of lessons that need a little more work)
  • 5 Recall-enhancing testing tools (Ensure that you really, truly know the material, and train yourself for real-world conversations)
  • FlashCards (Strengthen your skills, train your brain, and have a little fun! Thousands of words and phrases included)
  • Lifetime access (Your free trial gives you 24/7 lifetime access to selected lessons)
  • Members’ forum (Chat with other students and Rocket Languages staff inside our friendly forum)

Learn Arabic With Rocket Arabic!

Learn Chinese With Rocket Chinese!

Learn French With Rocket French!

Learn German With Rocket German!

Learn Hindi With Rocket Hindi!

Learn Italian With Rocket Italian!

Learn Japanese With Rocket Japanese!

Learn Korean With Rocket Korean!

Learn Portuguese With Rocket Portuguese!

* Stay tuned for more languages to come as we make updates constantly.  Please check back often!