With Green Products, it starts with Solar Energy.  We will be constantly updating things as we find them – though Solar is a great place to start.  You may want to check out both of these proven methods below to decide which one to go with and the one really best for you.


Solar Power.  Get it and SAVE MONEY.  First of all, this is one of the hottest “Green” topics of all time.

green productsUsing the power of the Sun to power life and to do it without the huge poser costs we have all been accustomed too.  This is so good you can even make money from it.  Create a mini-power plant so that the power company actually sends YOU a check each month.(As seen on TV: ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, DISCOVERY Channel, PBS)

With Professional Step-by-Step Instructions, you can do this for as little as $200!  If you produce more electricity than you use, the electric company is obligated by law to buy it from you at current market price!  The Best in Green Products is Solar Energy – Make your Home be Solar HERE.


SolarStirlingPlant – The Most Powerful Way to Generate Energy. 

green productsNot looking to get Solar installed by a company? Looking to do it yourself… then you will want this information!  Plus BONUS info for creating a Solar Powered Water Heater.  Easier than you would think!  Build your own Solar Plant HERE.  Watch the free video and learn a crazy secret to cut your electric bills by 75% (or more) in just 2 days!  (the video lasts over 10 minutes unless you choose the Order Now option earlier on)


Ref 1: Solar Stirling Plant Review

“It is an easy-to-follow-guide, for the average person – it will pay for itself within few weeks.
As an early-user of this guide I must say that I was impressed at how easy the guide was to follow and amazed at how much energy it produces.  Unlike other solar panel products, the Solar Stirling Plant uses a simple and reliable technology to make solar energy 15x more powerful than what is produced with typical solar panels. The Solar Stirling Plant can be built using materials found at any hardware store for about $100.”