Gems 3D Puzzle Game for Windows/Mac

Do You Like Tetris, Sudoku, Lines, and Logic?

– Then Gems 3D is a puzzle game definitely for you!


puzzle game

Puzzle games have fascinated people for generations!  And what better way to exercise the mind than by playing a puzzle game!

This is a game of logic, chance and organization!  With each turn – 3 gems fall on the playing board, and player gets a chance to move one gem in order to form lines of 5 or more gems. Once a line is formed, the gems that combine it disappear, player scores points and gains free board space by forming vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of five or more gems of the same type. Once aligned to form a line, gems disappear and free board space is gained. The puzzle game goes on until the entire board is completely full.  You can enjoy hours of fun!

Objective of the game is to play as long as possible and to score the highest score imaginable. There is a mobile version available for Gems 3D, too.


Gems 3D Puzzle Game

Why Gems 3D?

“After all these long hours at work you can relax and finally enjoy your experience interacting with the computer. How? Simple! Play Gems 3D puzzle game and your worries will slip away. Make a gift for yourself or someone you love.

Once you start playing the game chances are your kids will love it too! If you like exercising your mind and enjoy games like Tetris, or Lines, Gems 3D is definitely for you.”

— Max I. Fomitchev-Zamilov, Author of Gems 3D


Gems 3D Puzzle Game

• Highly addicting game play!

• Fun game for all age groups!

• Plus So Much More…

Playable on: Mobile & Tablet Compatible with Windows and Mac: puzzle game

Gems 3D Puzzle Game makes a wonderful Christmas gift. Your spouse or child will love it, too!

Try it Here Now!


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