Fiction is something we all can use in our life.  Expand your entertainment and imagination with some great options below.

fiction101 Famous Quotes From Alice In Wonderland  Yes, if you are that person that likes having fun and interesting quotes to toss out in conversation, or before bedtime (to spawn fun visions and dreams for your loved ones) then this is a collection you must have.  Virtually For Free!  Use them in daily life to uplift your spirits and put a smile on your friend’s face! 

The World is Too Serious – Have Fun With These Quirky Quotes and the Classic Story of Alice in Wonderland!  These quotes are Humorous and Enlightening, a wonderful mix of Satire and Wisdom!  They are Quirky and Intriguing, full of meaning and Life’s Philosophy.  Check it out HERE…Satisfaction Guaranteed!


fictionIron Man Suit Costume:  Do It Yourself Guide.  

This is for the Ultimate Marvel Fan.  Whether you believe Iron Man is Fiction or a Reality; This is a Suit that is bound to win over many, and make you feel young and fearless! 

Do you remember in your Kindergarten where your homework was cutting, folding and pasting?  It is almost that simple!  In our pre-launch it was offered in the Ebay market… just see what everyone had to say about it!  See the suit – it totally rocks! – Go Here:

You’ll get:

  1. The Complete Material List For Your Costume
  2. Step-By-Step Instructions Guide
  3. The IronMan Armor Designs In 3D Files
  4. Software Viewer To Open The 3D Files
  5. Pictures Of The Whole Process

The Iron Suit Membership is an online course to teach you how to build an Iron Man costume with fiberglass.(You don’t have to worry about research or figure out what are the best tools or materials to make your suit. In the member’s area, you will find exactly what you need and we will tell you where you can buy it.)

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