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Online gambling is prohibited in 47 states in the US, except in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware however… Fortunately, Bitcoin gambling offers a workaround and there are now handfuls of Bitcoin gambling sites accepting US players.

Goldentowns is a very fun and catchy online browser game that allows players to earn real online gamesmoney.  Goldentowns has a virtual currency – virtual gold – which can be mined inside the game and then can be sold instantly for real money at the exchange rate of 3 euros ($4) for 1 gold at the current exchange rate(Rates change depending on the gold buying & selling activities of the players.)  In addition, the Goldentowns gold coins (GTC) can also be used as an online crypto-currency (like bitcoins).


Play online games + make money = have more fun!

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This game is truly a brilliant little game in disguise!  It has nice graphics but yet complex, offering different strategies for players.  When you sign up for the game you receive a small little town in which to build, develop and grow until it generates enough resources to start mining gold.

You can simply just register for a free account, activate it and play! You risk nothing and have everything to gain – with Gold!  All you do is make an excellent town by continuously upgrading your features (buildings, houses, and roads)!  If you want to earn even faster and learn how to mine gold sooner, just follow our guide.  It will help you from spending unnecessary additional time and energy so your pockets fill-up faster with gold – then cash out!

Our guide will reveal to you the strategy for playing Goldentowns that will help you gain levels faster and most of all show you how to be better than other players in the game.

By following our guide you will learn:

+ 10 ways in which you can get gold by playing (page 6)
+ the biggest mistake that players make, causing them to lose money (page 5)

+ the easiest strategy to get gold (page 29)
+ how to upgrade your Goldentowns fast (page 23)
+ all insider tips and tricks
+ a great way to get gold as an internet marketer – even if you aren’t interested in playing the game (page 12)



And as an added bonus to getting this awesome Goldentowns guide, you will also receive a PDF which presents another 4 online games like this one!


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