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According to new figures from Pollstar, which tracks the concert business, this year’s average ticket price for the biggest worldwide tours jumped 13.6 percent to $84.92.  The top 50 tours, including U2Bon Jovi, and Lady Gaga, grossed $1.65 billion in only 6 months!  The Eagles brought in an average of $150.27, while Paul McCartney averages $152.38 per ticket.

Although newer artists don’t charge as much (Katy Perry charged on average $55 and Justin Bieber averaged $67) it’s still TOO EXPENSIVE to go to concerts on a regular basis!

Many music fans dream of getting a backstage pass and hoping they can meet their favorite bands at one of their concerts. Like front-row tickets, backstage passes are mostly snatched up by those who already personally know somebody in the band, crew, or venue staff.

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  • How to be allowed to bring a camera to shows where cameras are not allowed and take photos from the side of the stage or right in front of it (where security stands)
  • How to act once you’re backstage so you are allowed to stay there
  • After you get your backstage passes for a show, how to be allowed to continue getting a backstage pass the next time that artist comes to an area near you
  • How this proven method works in any country and there are no barriers to specific genre of music or events
  • And so much more!….

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