Children’s Preschool Education 3 – 7 years

Do you want your child to have an excellent educational start in our ever-changing technological world?

…then make learning FUN for them! will do exactly that!  It helps school children (preschool through kindergarten) build a strong educative foundation for future academic success. was designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging online curriculum that was put together among nationally recognized childhood education experts.

preschoolAs a subscription-based learning program, is designed in a safe and secure online environment – no advertising, pop-up ads or links to other websites.

Children can choose activities from the main screen, the classroom, or “learning paths” that have different levels of difficulty. Kids then earn tickets for completing tasks.  Children can then use the tickets to buy items for the classroom, the fish tank, their avatar or for their hamster. The “computer mouse” that is represented in shows how young children can truly enjoy reading, math, music, art and science.  With more than 7000 individual learning activities across 8 levels, children can learn and explore with their parents or on their own.  The ‘learning path’ is saved after each log-off and continues the next time when your child revisits.  This Progress Tracker shows their progress both by academic level and by curriculum subject.

Helping preschool on up!

It contains online books, educational games, puzzles, art activities and printables that feature hundreds of beautiful original art illustrations.  Expect hours of enjoyment for your loved one!

Get it HERE’s curriculum includes hundreds of highly entertaining animated activities, each teaching a specific learning topic. From Prospector Paul discovering new letter combinations to King Grammar explaining proper nouns to his villagers.  These animated videos engage children while they learn.  And what an award winning Curriculum it is!  Having earned the “top 3”: Mom’s Choice GOLD Award, the Parent’s Choice GOLD Award and the Teacher’s Choice Award – this learning program is a must!

And this program may also be exactly what YOU need, too!  With your child spending more time learning, this can give you extra time to help maintain YOUR ever-so-busy life!

…what could be better!

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