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mind controlmind control

mind controlmind control

“Who else wants to discover the most controversial…. and the most effective Mind Control Secrets ever invented?”

I know you came here looking for answers, so let’s keep this simple!

This site is NOT like all those other hypnosis or mind control sites out there.

Therefore it will teach you something different…

This site will teach you the INSANELY controversial and the most EFFECTIVE hypnosis and mind control techniques that have turned the heads of hundreds…

And guess what.  People are talking for a reason.

However before we go any further, I must give you this warning:

This is advanced mental technology.  If you’re looking for “A Beginners Guide To Hypnosisyou won’t find it here!

On this site you’ll find exactly how to mind control anyone you want, any time, any place, and all without them knowing.



Despite its frightening name, Black Ops hypnosis isn’t a psychological method for brainwashing but actually a synonym of covert or conversational hypnosis.  The term “black ops” is applied to refer to “hidden” or “unknown”.

First of all, if I reveal this information, please promise me you will use it responsibly and you will only use it for good.

Ok, so let’s get to it…

My name is Cameron Crawford, and I’m about to take you on a journey into one of the most intense and one of the most influential underground secret societies that has ever existed.

Mind Control was never just something I was interested in… It was always something I was obsessed with.

For years I was looking for the real “secrets” of mind control – they just didn’t seem to be out there.

I wanted to learn the secrets of mind control that hardly ANYONE knew about… the secrets that would let me do stuff like:

  • Mind Control someone into finding me instantly attractive.
  • Make someone instantly forget ever meeting me.
  • Mind Control someone into being so fascinated with me that they can’t get me out of their mind.

I wanted to have that knowledge, the kind of power that would let me do anything.

Seems like every course, every book, every audio I could get my hands on was all the same old, outdated and rehashed information that never really taught me anything.

Every single piece of information I ever found was useless.

And by now you probably know what I mean, you’ve seen all those “learn hypnosis sites” out there selling those crappy hypnosis eBooks that are all based on the same information that was written 20 years ago.

Heck, I even bought most of them…

Then after going through them all and finding nothing new, I started to lose hope… and then it happened…..

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This is available mostly worldwide including Ireland, Australia and Singapore.